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Drywall Repairs

If drywall damages are preventing you from getting your walls painted, we can fix to them. From patches, skim coats, to new texture we have a team that deals with drywall only.

Fence and Wood 

We paint fences and any type of wood that might look dull, we bring it all back to life.

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Interior Painting

Interior paint is formulated in such a way that it can withstand abrasion. As it occupies the same space as people, it is also designed to be more delicate than exterior paint. This type of paint resists staining and can be scrubbed. As it doesn't have to deal with sunlight, it has no fade-resisting properties.

Exterior Painting

Exterior paints are made of additives that help prevent fading, stop the growth of mildew, and resist tannin based stains. Interior paints also come in a gloss and matte finish. Interior paints are not exposed to rain and do not come in contact with freezing temperatures so they are made of more rigid resins.

Our Services

"We are very pleased with both the service and quality of work performed by Jorge and his crew.  wish we had found him years ago!!.  GREAT JOB!!!"

Shelia Meyers

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